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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1990;24(3): 326-330.
Congenital Intracranial Teratoma with Extension into Oral Cavity: An autopsy case.
Young Sill Kim, Kyo Young Lee, Chang Suck Kang, Sang In Shim, Sun Moo Kim
Department of Clinical Pathology, Catholic University Medical College, Seoul, Korea.
Intracranial teratomas which were first described by Maier in 1861 are uncommon. Those presenting at birth are very rare and in our knowledge no case has been reported in Korea. In November, 1988, we experience a case of congenital intracrainal teratoma which replaced almost all cerebral tissue, filled out the oral cavity, and was protruded from the mouth. A female fetus was artificially delivered by a 25-year-old primigravida at 22 weeks of gestation, because of marked hydramnios and fetal hydrocephalus which were detected by prenatal ultrasonography. Microscopically, tissues from all three germ layers, including a lot of neuroepithelim and primitive mesenchymal tissue, were shown. A brief review of the literature was done.
Key Words: Congenital teratoma; Intracranial