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JPTM : Journal of Pathology and Translational Medicine


Management team

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Journal Manager

Kim, Da Jeong0000-0001-5800-6745The Korean Society of Pathologists, Korea Korea
Annmi Jeon0000-0002-4962-5138The Korean Society of Cytopathology, Korea Korea

Manager of the Review Process

Chan Kwon Jung0000-0001-6843-3708The Catholic University of Korea, Korea Korea
So Yeon Park0000-0002-0299-7268Seoul National University, Korea Korea
Eunah Shin0000-0001-5961-3563Cha University, Korea Korea
Haeryoung Kim0000-0002-4205-9081Seoul National University, Korea Korea

Manuscript Editor

Soohee Chang0000-0003-1095-4505InfoLumi, Korea Korea

Layout Editor

Haeja Kim0000-0003-3197-9023iMiS Company Co., Ltd.

Website and JATS XML File Producers

Yoon-Sang Cho0000-0003-3976-4596M2PI, Korea Korea
Jeonghee Im0000-0003-2424-4440M2PI, Korea Korea

JPTM : Journal of Pathology and Translational Medicine