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The Korean Journal of Cytopathology 1996;7(2): 213-217.
Cytologic Features of Medullary Carcinoma of the Thyroid Occurring in a Child: A Case Report.
Jeong Seok Moon, Hye Sun Kim, Seong Jin Cho, Yang Seok Chae, Bom Woo Yeom
Department of Pathology, Korea University College of Medicine, Korea.
Medullary carcinoma of the thyroid gland is a malignant neuroendocrine tumor arising from calcitonin producing-parafollicular cells. The tumor is clinically divided into sporadic and familial form, constituting about 80% and 20%, respectively. Recently, we experienced a case of unilateral and solitary sporadic medullary carcinoma of the left thyroid gland. The patient was a 9 year-old female, who presented with a palpable mass on the anterior lateral neck of 8 months duration without any familial and personal history of neuroendocrine disease. The cytopathologic findings showed spindle cells and plasmacytoid cells in the background of colloid-like materal. The nuclei were eccentrically located, mildly hyperchromatic and pleomorphic, showing speckled chromatin pattern without nuclear inclusion or prominent nucleoli. The cytoplasm was abundant and had a pale granular cyanophilic appearance. No amyloid materal could be identified.
Key Words: Medullary carcinoma; Thyroid gland; Child; Cytopathologic findings