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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1985;19(1): 58-66.
Histotopographic Observations on Metaplastic Changes of the Gallbladder Mucosa.
Eun Sil Yu, Yong Il Kim, Sang Kook Lee
Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.
Fifty three surgically resected gallbladders(49 cases of chronic cholecystitis with or without cholelithiasis, 4 cases of incidentally resected gallbladders) and 14 autopsy cases were subjected to the histotopographic analysis to identify the nature and distribution of metaplastic mucosal changes, and to determine the possible histogenesis of these mucosal lesions and diagnostic implication as a parameter of chronic cholecystitis. 1) Antral type glands were demonstrated in 47(88.7%), goblet cells in 19(35.8%) and surface epithelial changes in 27(50.9%) of total surgical specimens, indicating the benign metaplastic changes of the gallbladder mucosa toward the gastric or intestinal type. 2) Topographic distribution illustrated the extension of antral type gland to the middle and upper one third portions of the gallbladder mucosa in 37 cases, each. Goblet cells in the middle and upper one third of the mucosa were demonstrable in 13 cases(68%) an 8 cases(42%), respectively. 3) Average age by degree of extension was 50.0 years in Grade O-I, 50.1 years in Grade II and 56.4 years in Grade III. 4) Among 53 surgically resected gallbladders, gallstone was found in 31 cases, in which was a significant correlation between the distribution of metaplastic changes by degree of extent and cholelithiasis. 5) There was no statistical significance between incidence of metaplastic changes of the gallbladder and degree of inflammatory reaction by means of chronic and/or acute inflammatory cell infiltration and Rokitansky-Aschoff sinus formation. 6) Only two out of fourteen autopsy cases demonstrated focal and spotty presence of goblect cells. It is of authors assumption that the lining epithelium of the gallbladder undergos various types of metaplastic changes in the diseased conditions, in which cholelithiasis is included as one of preceding factor. And also, the diagnostic implication of epithelial metaplasia as an expression of chronic cholecystitis is discussed.