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The Korean Journal of Cytopathology 2004;15(2): 126-130.
Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Granular Cell Tumor of the Lower Leg: Report of a Case.
Sun Young Kim, Jin Seok Hwang, Hyuck Po Kwon, Ju Heon Yang, Jae Su Roh, Wan Suk Yang
1Departments of Pathology, Dongkang General Hostpital, Ulsan, Korea. dkhospital@yahoo.com
2Departments of Obsteric & Gynecology, Dongkang General Hostpital, Ulsan, Korea.
3Departments of Diagnostic Radiology, Dongkang General Hostpital, Ulsan, Korea.
4Departments of Urology, Dongkang General Hostpital, Ulsan, Korea.
5Departments of Orthopedics, Dongkang General Hostpital, Ulsan, Korea.
6Departments of Plastic Surgery, Dongkang General Hostpital, Ulsan, Korea.
Granular cell tumor is characterized by large eosinophilic cells with granular appearances. These are mostly benign. Approximately 1~2% are malignant, and establishment of reliable criteria for diagnosing malignant granular cell tumor has been difficult to establish because of the rarity. Reports on the cytologic features of this neoplasm are hardly found in Korea. We report a case of rarely-occurring granular cell tumor in the lower leg of a 40-year-old male, diagnosed on fine needle aspiration cytology, together with a review of the literature regarding significant adverse histology and prognostic factors. The aspirates revealed cellular smears of isolated cells, syncytial clusters, and occasionally stripped nuclei in a fine, bluish-purple, granular background. Tumor cells were polygonal, rounded, or slightly spindled, and showed ill-defined granular cytoplasm. Nuclei were small and round or oval, with inconspicuous or small, prominent nucleoli. The nuclei showed rare intranuclear cytoplasmic invagination. Occasionally, there were mild to moderate nuclear pleomorphisms with vesicular nuclei, with large, prominent nucleoi, but no mitosis. The immunocytochemical stain for S-100 was strongly positive in the cytoplasm of tumor cells with occasional nuclei.
Key Words: Granular cell tumor; Fine needle aspiration; Lower leg; Malignant granular cell tumor