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The Korean Journal of Cytopathology 2001;12(1): 57-60.
Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Metastatic Seminoma in Cervical Lymph Node: A Case Report .
Kee Taek Jang, Hye Rim Park, Jin Seok Ahn
Department of Pathology and Internal Medicine,I College of Medicine, Hallym University, Seoul, Korea. ktjang@unitel.co.kr
Fine needle aspiration cytology of the cervical lymph node was performed in a 63-year-old man who had had an orchiectomy for seminoma one year ago. The tumor cells were arranged in loose clusters, occasional sheets, or single cells. The nuclei were round to ovoid with fine or reticular chromatin, and had one or more prominent nucleoli. These cells were intermingled with lymphocytes in a characteristic foamy, lacelike background. Documented reports of the cytologic appearance of the seminoma are rare, especially in the metastatic lesion. The diagnosis of primary gonadal seminoma by fine needle aspiration cytology is probably not indicated since the treatment of primary gonadal tumor requires surgical resection. Because of the characteristic cytologic features, fine needle aspiration cytology may be helpful in evaluation of the extent of tumor spread in the patients with testicular tumors.
Key Words: Seminoma; Lymph node; Metastasis; Fine needle aspiration cytology