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The Korean Journal of Pathology 2004;38(3): 188-190.
Intraocular Ossification: A Case Report.
Ho Sung Park, Tae Shik Kong, Kyu Yun Jang, Myoung Ja Chung, Woo Sung Moon, Dong Geun Lee, Myoung Jae Kang
Department of Pathology, Chonbuk National University Medical School, Jeonju, Korea. mjkang@moak.chonbuk.ac.kr
Heterotopic bone formation in the eyeball is a rare finding. Some etiologic factors, such as trauma, chronic inflammation, and long-standing retinal detachment have been associated with the onset of intraocular ossification. We report here on a case of a 21-year-old woman with a history of blunt trauma fifteen years ago, who complained of right eye blindness. When the right eyeball eviceration was done, a hard, grayish mass was found. On histopathologic examination, the mass showed lamellar bone with fatty marrow and hyalinized tissue with dystrophic calcification. We diagnosed her case as intraocular ossification.
Key Words: Eye; Ossification, Heterotopic