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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1999;33(5): 353-360.
Morphohistometric Investigation and bcl-2 Expression in the Placenta of Chromosomally Abnormal Pregnancy.
Joung ho Han, Kyu Rae Kim, Yeon Lim Suh, Mi Kyung Kim, Young Hyeh Ko, Dae Shick Kim, Howe Jung Ree
1Department of Diagnostic Pathology, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University college of Medicine.
2Samsung Biomedical Research Institution, Clinical Research Center, Seoul 135-710, Korea.
3Department of Diagnostic Pathology, Asan Medical Center, College of Medicine, Ulsan Univerisity, Korea.
To evaluate the significance of placental histology, a collaborative histological and cytogenetic study was performed on the products of 88 spontaneous abortions, and subsequently bcl-2 immunostaining was performed on 62 cases. The morphometric parameters included were DCIRCLE, FORMSHAPE, CPRATIO, and the expression of bcl-2 immunostainig was graded in four categories (I to IV). The results were as follows: 1) 40% (n=35) were chromosomally abnormal: trisomies predominated (57%, n=20) and was followed by triploidy (14%, n=5), double trisomy (6%, n=2), monosomy X (6%, n=2), inversion (9) (6%, n=2). 2) mean of DCIRCLE in chromosomally abnormal pregnancy was 40 micrometer larger than that in chromosomally normal pregnancy (p=0.012, one side t-test), while no difference was found in FORMSHAPE and CPRATIO between chromosomally abnormal and normal pregnancy. 3) bcl-2 expression was found in syncytiotrophoblast and cytotrophoblast. bcl-2 expression was weaker in chromosomally abnormal pregnancy with intensity I and II of 59% than chromosomally normal pregnancy with intensity I and II of 24%. 4) In comparison bcl-2 expression with DCIRCLE, in chromosomally normal abortion one (10%) in I & II and one (3%) in III & IV showed large DCIRCLE (above 360 micrometer), while 11 (85%) in I & II and 3 (33%) in III & IV in chromosomally abnormal pregnancy. It would mean that bcl-2 protein is necessary in preservation of pregnancy and placental morphology. Abnormal villous diameter and weak bcl-2 expression may be suggestive of chromosomal anomaly. Besides other histologic parameters, application of bcl-2 immunostaining and morphometric analysis probably give more sensitive and specific results in identifying chromosomally abnormal abortion.
Key Words: Placenta; Spontaneous abortion; Morphometry; bcl-2 oncoproteinanomaly; Chromosomalanomaly
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