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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1984;18(3): 325-328.
담낭의 ceroid 육아종 3예
Ceroid Granuloma of the Gall Bladder -Report of 3 cases-
Ceroid, an orange-brown pigmented deposit which is insoluble in alcohol, xylol and ether, sudanophilic and acid-fast, is found in fibrous trabeculae of cirrhotic liver of rat which have been feda diet low in choline and its precursor. Ceroid granuloma of the gall bladder is rare condition, incidentally associated with chronic cholectystitis and cholelithiasis. In this conditions, the change are focal and transmural, and the material accumulated in the histiocyts. The authors report three cases of ceroid granuloma of the gall bladder, an entity not previously reported in the Korean medical literature.