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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1981;15(3): 238-244.
B형과 비B형 간염에 있어서 일부 간기능검사와 혈청 면역 구로부린에 관한 연구
Study on Liver Function and Serum Immunoglobulin Levels in Type B and Type Non-B Hepatitis
The author investigated the findings of the liver function tests and serum immunoglobulin 1evels in 25 cases of acute hepatitis, 22 cases of chronic hepatitis and 20 cases of healthy controls in Busan National University Hospital during Jan 1980 and Dec. 1980. Diagnosis was confirmed clinically and pathologically in all the patients. Serum HBsAg was detected by reverse passive hemagglutinnation tests(R-PHA). Serum immunoglobulins were measured by single radial immunodiffusion method. Total protein and albumin daterminations were performed by Biuret and dye binding method(BCG), respectively. SGOT and SGPT were analyzed by Reitman-Frankel method and TTT was measured by Maclagen method. Total bilirubin was measured by modification of the standard Jendrassik-Grof method. The results obtained were summarized as follow : 1) The activities of SGOT and SGPT, the levels of serum total bilirbin and IgG ware significantly higher in type B acute hepatitis than in type non-B one. 2) The levels of IgG and IgM were significantly higher in type non-B chronic hepatitis than in type B one. On the basis of the findings mentioned above, it is suggested that serum immunoglobulin determinations may be useful for differentiation between type B hepatitis and type non B hepatitis.