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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1980;14(3): 27-32.
Lauren의 방법에 의한 위암의 병리조직학적 검색
Histopathological Study of Gastric Carcinoma According to Criteria Presented by Lauren
In the Department of Pathology, Kyungpook National University School of Medicine, 273 cases of gastric carcinoma obtainable adequate histopathological information were diagnosed during the year 1975∼1978. The authors classified above cases of gastric carcinoma as intestinal type carcinoma and diffuse carcinoma presented by Lauren. Then the authors assorted distributions according to age and sex and occurrence of intestinal metaplasia in each type. The results were as follows and compared with other papers. 1) The great majority, 186 cases were men and 87 cases women. The men to women ratio was 2.14 to 1. 2) Intestinal type carcinoma accounted for 56.4% (154 cases) and diffuse carcinoma for 33.3% (91 cases). 3) The mean age of the patients with intestinal type carcinoma was 52.0 years and that of diffuse carcinoma 46.5 years. Intestinal type carcinoma was distinctly frequent in men but the preponderance of men was less marked among the patients with diffuse carcinoma 4) Intestinal metaplasia occurred more frequently in intestinal carcinoma.