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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1978;12(4): 365-374.
피부병소와 호산구증가증을 동반한 악성 조직구증
Malignant Histiocytosis with Cutaneous Lesions and Eosinophilia -A case report with light and electron microscopic study-
A 70 year-old Korean male was admitted to Dept. of Dermatology, because of generalized erythematous match head sized papules with itching sensation for 45 days. Physical examination revealed palpable axillary, inguinal and left subclavicu1ar lymph nodes, and slight hepatomegaly. Peripheral blood findings showed marked eosinophilia (up to 41%) and a few atypical monocytoid cells. Multiple skin biopsies revealed malignant histiocytosis with cutaneous involvement. He was treated with oncovin and prednisolone, and skin lesions and hematologic abnormalities were considerably improved. But the patient was died on 38th hospital day. On autopsy, the lesions were systemic, showing diffuse proliferation of atypical histiocytes with atypical giant cell formation in spleen, lymph nodes, lung, bone marrow and skin. However, erythrophagocytosis of these atypical histiocytes was not seen.