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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1969;3(2): 65-71.
한국산 제비콩 및 흰콩의 응집소에 관한 연구
A Study on Phytoagglutinins in Seeds of Dolichos Lablab Var. Dendalensis Nakai and Glycine Max. Merrill
Blood group specific plant agglutinins (phytoagglutinins) have already been known in some foreign countries, but only a few studies on blood group specific phytoagglutinins native to Korea have been presented. Authors carried out agglutination and adsorption reaction of Dolichos lablab var. dendalensis Nakai (DLVDN) and Glycine Max. merrill (GMM) native to Korea with A, B, O, & AB human erythrocytes, studied their agglutinating inhibition reaction with saliva and various sugars, and observed their test stability with the following results: 1) Saline extract of DLVDN was found contain anti-A (H) specific agglutinin, and the heat stability of these agglutinins showed that the agglutinin treated at 1℃∼80℃ for 30 min. brought positive reaction but the agglutinin treated at 85℃ for 30min. produced a negative reaction; and the agglutinating reaction was no inhibited by sugars such as L-arabinose, D-xylose, D-mannose, dextrose, lactose and D-galactose. 2) Saline extract of GMM was found to contain anti-O (H) specific agglutinin and the agglutinating reaction was inhibited by some sugars such as lactose and L-arabinose.
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