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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1996;30(11): 1045-1049.
Appendiceal Polyp: A report of two cases.
Ki Hwa Yang, Jung Min Lee, Mi Sook Lee, Sang Ho Park, Young Gun Yoon, Choong Gu Kang
1Department of Pathology, Namwon Medical Center, Chunbuk, Korea.
2Department of Radiology, Namwon Medical Center, Chunbuk, Korea.
3Department of General Surgery, Namwon Medical Center, Chunbuk, Korea.
Varying types of polyps could occur in the vermiform appendix. However, it is very unusual. Collins found 57 cases (0.08%) of benign mucosal polyps in the 71,000 cases of appendectomy specimens. There has been no reported case of appendiceal polyp in the literature in Korea. The authors experienced two cases of polyp in the vermiform appendix. The first case was a 51 year-old male patient who received a left hemicolectomy due to colonic polyposis. The second case was a 71 year-old male patient who was treated by appendectomy under the clinical diagnosis of acute appendicitis. The microscopic type of both cases were hyperplastic polyp.
Key Words: Vermiform appendix; Hyperplastic polyp