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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1996;30(8): 742-745.
Endothelial Cyst of the Adrenal Gland: Report of a case.
Sung Chul Lim, Mi Sook Lee, Yun Sin Kim, Keun Hong Kee, Yu Kyung Jeong, Mi Ja Lee, Soon Bong Chung
Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, Chosun University, Kwang-ju, Korea.
Adrenal cysts are rare lesion that usually present themselves as an incidental finding during surgery, or at the time of autopsy. The cysts are usually small, seldom exceeding 10cm in diameter, and are generally asymptomatic. However, they present a difficult problem in differentiation between benign and malignant lesions of the adrenal gland. In the differential diagnosis, other cystic lesions of the upper abdomen must also be considered, including hepatic, splenic, renal and pancreatic cysts. Herein we report a case of endothelial cyst of lymphangiomatous type of the adrenal gland which was detected in a 44-year-old male patient during a routine health examination by ultrasonography as a pancreatic pseudocyst. Gross examination revealed multiple separate but continuous cysts, measuring 10.6x8x7cm in dimension. Within the wall, compressed adrenal cortex was noted. Microscopically, fibrous wall containing hypertrophied smooth muscle lined by endothelial cells was also noted. We reviewed literatures of the adrenal cyst and report a case.
Key Words: Adrenal gland; Endothelial cyst; lymphangiomatous