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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1994;28(3): 246-259.
Assessment of DNA Ploidy, Estrogen and Progesterone Recetor Status and Her-2/neu Oneoprotein Expression in Breast Carcinoma by Image Analysis.
Ae Ree Kim, In Sun Kim, Kap No Lee
Department of Pathology, Korea University Hospital, Seoul, Korea.
In 41 cases of breast cancers, the aneuploidy measured by Image Analyzer was compared with that of flow cytometric analysis, and estrogen and progesterone receptor(ER/PR) and Her-2/neu oncoprotein were immunohistochemically stained and measured by Image Analyzer. In ER/PR, the positive nuclear area(PNA, %) was measured, and in Her-2/neu, the content of oncoprotein was expressed as pg/cell. To assess the usefulness of these parameters as a prognostic factor, the author evaluated the results in relation with tumor size, nuclear grade and lymph node metastasis. The obtained results are summarized as follows: 1) The detection rate (90%) of aneuploidy by image analysis was higher than that (70%) of flow cytometric analysis. The concordance rate of both method was 80%. 2) The positivity of ER was 73% and PR was 34%, and the high PNA of ER and PR was related with high nuclear grade. There was an inverse correlation of the ER PNA with tumor size and PR PNA with negative lymph node. 3) Her-2/neu oncoprotein overexpression was found in only 2 cases and another two showed borderline overexpression. All four cases had DNA tetraploidy. From the above results, it was concluded that the image analyzer could be used in DNA analysis and in quantitation of immunostained ER/PR and Her-2/neu oncoprotein, providing the important information in the management of the breast cancer patients.
Key Words: Image analyzer; Breast cancer; DN A ploidy; Hormone receptor; Her-2/neu oncoprotein