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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1993;27(6): 656-658.
Breast Mass as a Manifestation of Ectopic Paragonimiasis: A case report.
Yung Suk Lee, Seung Yeon Ha, Hyun I Cho, Han Kyeom Kim, Jung Won Bae, In Sun Kim
1Department of Anatomic Pathology, Korea University Hospital, Seoul, Korea.
2Department of General surgery, Korea University Hospital, Seoul, Korea.
Paragonimus westermani can cause extrapulmonary parasitism in various sites such as abdominal organ, brain, eye, periorbital tissue, heart and pericardium, mediastinum, and subcutaneous tissue. We experienced a case of subcutaneous paragonimiasis involving the breast. The lesion exhibited chronic granuloma with scattered eggs of paragonimus westermani. The adult worm was not found within the lesion which should be disintegrated a year ago by praziquantel treatment. This relatively rare involvement of ectopic paragonimiasis should be differentiated from breast malignancy.
Key Words: Paragonimiasis; ectopic; breast