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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1993;27(3): 268-273.
Angiosarcoma of Jejunum Following Therapeutic Irradiation: A case report.
Mee Hye Oh, So Young Park, Yeon Lim Suh
Department of Pathology, Inje University Seoul Paik Hospital, Seoul, Korea.
We report a case of angiosarcoma of the jejunum in a 65-year-old female. This angiosarcoma developed 20 years after postoperative irradiation for cervical carcinoma of the uterus. Grossly, the resected jejunum showed a 8 cm long segmental hemorrhagic lesion with multiple, small hemorrhagic nodules or cysts on its serosa and mesentery. Microscopically, the wall of jejunum was infiltrated by epithelioid or polygonal tumor cells arranged in solid nests or lining irregular vascular spaces. The case is of interest that the tumor occurred in the very unusal site for angiosarcoma and the patient had a past history of irradiation for uterine cervical carcinoma 20 years ago. In addition, the resected intestine showed histologic changes of chronic irradiation effect. Therefore, this case supports the view that there is cause and effect relationship between irradiation adn angiosarcoma.
Key Words: Angisarcoma; Jejunum; Irradiation