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Multicystic Biliary Hamartoma of the Liver ( 6,186 times )
Ji Soo Song, Sang Jae Noh, Baik Hwan Cho, Woo Sung Moon
Korean J Pathol. 2013;47(3):275-278.   Published online June 25, 2013
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/KoreanJPathol.2013.47.3.275
Newly Formed Hepatic Masses in Children with Biliary Atresia after Kasai Hepatic Portoenterostomy. ( 2,772 times )
Hye Jong Song, Yeon Lim Suh
Korean J Pathol. 2011;45(2):160-169.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/KoreanJPathol.2011.45.2.160
Sclerosing Angiomatoid Nodular Transformation (SANT) in Spleen: A Case Report. ( 3,317 times )
Hyun Jung Lee, Song Yi Choi, Song Mei Huang, Ji Young Sul, Jin Man Kim
Korean J Pathol. 2011;45(1):111-114.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/KoreanJPathol.2011.45.1.111
Angiomyomatous Hamartoma of Popliteal Lymph Nodes Occurring in Association with Diffuse Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis of Knee. ( 2,571 times )
Hyun Soo Kim, Ki Yong Na, Jae Hoon Lee, Nam Su Cho, Gou Young Kim, Sung Jig Lim
Korean J Pathol. 2011;45(0):S58-S61.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/KoreanJPathol.2011.45.S1.S58
First Report of a Gangliocytic Paraganglioma Arising in a Tailgut Cyst. ( 2,755 times )
Yosep Chong, Mee Yon Cho
Korean J Pathol. 2010;44(4):435-440.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/KoreanJPathol.2010.44.4.435
Nasal Chondromesenchymal Hamartoma: A Case Report. ( 1,414 times )
Jun Kang, Young Ok Hong, Geung Hwan Ahn, Young Min Kim, Hee Jeong Cha, Hye Jeong Choi
Korean J Pathol. 2007;41(4):258-262.
Tonsillar Lymphangiomatous Polyp: Report of Two Cases. ( 1,391 times )
Han Suk Ryu, Soo Young Jung, Jae Soo Koh, Seung Sook Lee
Korean J Pathol. 2006;40(5):381-384.
Ectopic Hamartomatous Thymoma: A Case Report along with a Review of the Literature Concerning the Histogenesis and New Nomenclature. ( 1,243 times )
Sang Hee Seok, Dong Hyun Lee, Su Hwan Kang, Young Kyung Bae
Korean J Pathol. 2006;40(4):292-296.
Angiomyolipoma of the Nasal Cavity. ( 1,200 times )
Jai Hyang Go
Korean J Pathol. 2005;39(4):284-286.
Odontogenic Gingival Epithelial Hamartoma; with Reference to the Expression of Ameloblastin Gene by in situ Hybridization and Immunohistochemistry. ( 1,440 times )
Na Rae Kim, Yeon Lim Suh, Je G Chi, Young Joon Lee, Suk Keun Lee, Jae Il Lee, Chang Yun Lim, Ji Young Park
Korean J Pathol. 2004;38(2):116-120.
Mesenchymal Hamartoma of the Liver in Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome: A Case Report. ( 1,421 times )
Seong Ho Yoo, Hyo Jin Park, Soo Yoen Cho, Chong Jai Kim
Korean J Pathol. 2002;36(6):425-428.
Nasal Chondromesenchymal Hamartoma: A case report. ( 1,134 times )
Hyo Jeong Chae, Ji Hye Suk, Sun Kyung Lee
Korean J Pathol. 1999;33(3):225-227.
Hamartoma of the Breast A report of two cases. ( 1,279 times )
Sung Suk Paeng, In Ae Park, Woo Kyoung Moon, Dong Young Noh, Eui Keun Ham
Korean J Pathol. 1999;33(3):199-203.
Subcutaneous Neuromuscular Hamartoma: A case report. ( 1,503 times )
Dong Hoon Kim, Eun Kyung Hong, Jung Dal Lee
Korean J Pathol. 1999;33(1):62-64.
Infantile Myofibromatosis(Congenital Generalized Fibromatosis): Associated with multiple congenital malformations and basaloid follicular hamartomas in the skin. ( 1,404 times )
Eun Sook Nam, Yoo Hun Kim, Han Kyeom Kim, Insun Kim, Je Geun Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1995;29(6):776-782.
Biliary Cystadeoma of the Liver: Report of a congenital case. ( 1,233 times )
Jai Hyang Go, Young Nyun Park, Woo Hee Jung, Chanil Park
Korean J Pathol. 1995;29(2):241-243.
Muscular Hamartoma of the Breast: A case report. ( 1,248 times )
Dong Won Min, Sun Hee Sung, In Joon Choi
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):86-89.
Hamartoma Arising in the Urinary Bladder: A case report. ( 1,599 times )
Young Bae Kim, Tae Sook Hwang, Byung Gon Park, Jin Sook Jeong, Sook Hee Hong
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(3):283-286.
Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Pulmonary Hamartoma: 3 cases. ( 1,382 times )
Na Hye Myong, Kyung Ja Cho, Ja June Jang
Korean J Pathol. 1989;23(3):355-358.
Fatty Hamartoma of Epicardium. ( 1,336 times )
Hyun Wook Kang, Jung Ran Kim, Jeong Wook Seo, Je G Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1989;23(1):132-135.
Mammary Hamartoma: A case report. ( 1,300 times )
Sung Ran Hong, Hy Sook Kim, Byung Jae Cho
Korean J Pathol. 1988;22(4):471-474.
A Case of Ocular Neurofibromatosis. ( 1,236 times )
Je G Chi, In Ae Park
Korean J Pathol. 1987;21(1):62-65.
Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Pulmonary Hamartoma: A Report of Two Cases. ( 1,270 times )
Jeana Kim, Kyoung Mee Kim, Young Sill Kim, An hi Lee, Sang In Shim, Byung Kee Kim
Korean J Pathol. 2000;11(1):31-34.
Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Pulmonary Hamartoma. ( 1,307 times )
Tae Jin Lee, Jin Sook Lee, Gyung Yub Gong, Shin Kwang Khang, Jae Y Ro
Korean J Pathol. 2000;11(1):19-24.
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