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In this issue:

115 Effect of Inhalation Anesthesia with Several Anesthetics on the Ultrastructure of the Rat Lung
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):115-129.
131 The Changes of Endothelial Cells in Rat Lung Alveoli Induced by Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):131-135.
137 The Changes of Myocardial Mitochondria Induced by Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):137-143.
145 Pathological Findings of 2,235 Cases of Endometrial Biopsies and 518 Cases of Cervical Biopsies
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):145-154.
157 Studies of PAS-Positive Material in Circulating Lymphocytes in Patients with Various Diseases
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):157-162.
163 A Histopathologic Study on Primary Tumors of Oral Cavity
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):163-169.
171 Hematological Study on Aplastic Anemia Emphasizing Bone Marrow Findings
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):171-178.
181 The Influence of Technical Factors on NBT test
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):181-189.
191 A Study on the Disorders of Plasma Cell Hyperplasia Including 17 Cases of Multiple Myeloma
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):191-200.
203 In Vitro the Effectiveness of Antibiophagine to Various Organisms
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):203-207.
209 Cellulolytic Action of Streptomyces albus Isolated from Soil
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):209-211.
213 A Comparative Study on Methods for the Determination of SGOT-Activities
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):213-220.
221 A Study to Evaluate the Normal Values of Carboxyhemoglobin in Hospital
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):221-224.
225 Cat-Scratch Disease Associated With peripheral Pancytopenia
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):225-230.
233 A case of Endocardial Fibroelastosis of the Left Ventricle
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):233-238.
241 A Case of Cholesterol Pneumonitis Caused by the Rupture of Anterior Mediastinal Dermoid Cyst to the Right Lung
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):241-247.
249 Multiple Myeloma and Immunoglobulin
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):249-254.
255 Biological Characteristic of the Neisseria mucosa Isolated from Blood of a Patient with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(2):255-258.
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