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In this issue:

1 The Transformation of Reticular Cell into Plasma Cell in the Thymus from Different Age Group of Rats
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(1):1-14.
21 An Experimental Study on Metaplasia in Tracheo-bronchial Epithelium of Rats, Exposed to Nitrogen Dioxide
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(1):21-29.
31 The Histopathologic Study of Atypical Lesion in the Benign and Cancer Breasts
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(1):31-36.
39 Clinical and Histopathological Studies on Trophoblastic Tumors among Korean Women
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(1):39-52.
55 Separation of Lymphocytes from Human Peripheral Blood
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(1):55-60.
61 Studies on Values for Blood Cells of Healthy Children in rural area of Korea
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(1):61-69.
71 Results of Blood Cultures done over a 5 year Period at Yonsei Medical Center
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(1):71-76.
77 A Study on the Accuracy and Precision of Laboratory Determinations in 18 Clinical Pathology Departments of Major General Hospitals in Korea(Conducted by The Korean Society of Pathology)
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(1):77-87.
89 Intraosseous Lipoma -Report of A Case-
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(1):89-92.
95 A Case of Malacoplakia -Light and Electronrnicroscopic Study-
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(1):95-99.
103 Two Cases of Tuberculous Appendicitis
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(1):103-106.
107 Choriocarcinoma of Stomach
Korean J Pathol. 1975;9(1):107-110.
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