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Original Articles
1 c-erbB-2 Oncoprotein Overexpression in Breast Cancer.
Tae Sook Hwang, Kyung Ja Cho, Young Bae Kim, Joo Ryung Huh, Ja June Jang
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):1-7.
8 Development of Intrahepatic Bile Duct in Human Embryos and Fetuses; Histologic and Immunohfstochemical Observations.
Yeon Lim Suh, Je G Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):8-21.
22 Gastrointestinal Cytomegalovirus Infection: A clinicopathologic analysis of 8 cases.
Yun Kyung Kang, Sang Yong Song, Woo Ho Kim, Yong Il Kim
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):22-29.
30 Application of Immunohistochemical Stain for Granulocytic Sarcoma.
Yeong Ju Woo, Chan Hwan Kim, Jong Eun Joo
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):30-37.
38 Immunohistochemical Study of the Multidrug Resistant(MDR) Gene Expression in Gastric Carcinoma.
Jung Hee Han, Byung Gon Park, Mi Sook Roh, Sook Hee Hong
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):38-48.
49 Histologic Grading of Astrocytic Neoplasms in Conjunction with Evaluation of Proliferative Activity Using Ag-NORs Count PCNA Expression, and Flow CYtometric DNA Analysis.
Mee Yon Cho, Soon Hee Jung, Tal Seung Kim, Yong Pyo Han
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):49-55.
Case Reports
56 Arthrogryppsis Multiplex Congenita: Pathologic examination of three autopsy cases.
Seung Sook Lee, Je G Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):56-64.
65 A Case of Heterophyid Trematode Infection with Intestinal Obstruction.
Jin Young Yoo, Sang In Shim
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):65-67.
68 Congenital Choroid Plexus Papilloma: Report of a case.
Jee Young Han, Jai Hyang Go, Tai Seung Kim
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):68-72.
73 Lhermitte-Duclos Disease in a Sudden Death: An autopsy case.
Tae Jung Kwon, Tae Seung Kim, Han Young Lee, Shin Mong Kang
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):73-78.
79 Trichofolliculoma: A case report.
Su Kyeong Yeon, Ki Hwa Yang, Seok Jin Kang, Sun Moo Kim
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):79-81.
82 Localized Pseudopolyposis of the Ascending Colon Associated with Granulomatous Colitis: A case report.
Jeong Ja Kwak, Kye Hyun Kwon, So Young Jin, Dong Wha Lee
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):82-85.
86 Muscular Hamartoma of the Breast: A case report.
Dong Won Min, Sun Hee Sung, In Joon Choi
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):86-89.
90 Inflammatory Pseudotumor of the Liver: A case report.
Young Hee Maeng, Jae Hoon Park, Youn Wha Kim, Yong Koo Park, Ju Hie Lee, Moon Ho Yang
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):90-92.
93 Inflammatory Pseud0tumor of the Liver: A case report.
Young Ju Woo, Rye Kyoung Yoon, Jong Eun Joo
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):93-95.
96 Sirenomelia: An autopsy case report.
Yeong Ju Woo, Hye Kyoung Yoon, In Sook Lim
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):96-98.
99 Aggressive AngiOmYxoma Occuring in Ischiorectal Fossa: A case report.
Jai Hyang Go, Sun Hee Sung, In Joon Choi
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):99-101.
102 Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma of Stomach in Child: Report of a case.
Kyeong Mee Park, Ill Hyang Ko
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(1):102-105.
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