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Original Articles
433 Apoptosis Induced by Adriamycin in HeLa Cells.
Sun Young Kim, Sang Sook Lee
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):433-442.
443 Detection of Numerical Chromosomal Aberration in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung by In Situ Hybridization Using #17 Centromeric Probes.
Sang Sook Lee, Seong Beom Han, Soong Kook Park
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):443-458.
459 Congenital Bronchopulmonary Foregut Malformation: Analysis of the surgical and autopsy cases.
Sung Hye Park, Je G Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):459-467.
468 Sequential Ultrastructural Change of Chorionic Villi in Human Placenta by Gestational Period.
Tae Dong Park, Tae Jung Kwon, Je G Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):468-484.
485 Expression of ras Oncogene Product, MHC class II Antigen and Human Papillomavirus 16/18 DNA in Carcinomas of the Uterine Cervix.
K J Cho, Ja June Jang
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):485-490.
491 Scanning Electron Microscopic Findings of Hair Anomalies.
Chul Jong Yoon, Je G Chi, Hai Won Chung
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):491-500.
514 Nongestational Choriocarcinoma of the Overy.
Jeong Hee Kang, Hae Jin Lee, Sun Kyung Lee
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):514-517.
518 Papillary Eccrine Adenoma: Histopathological and Immunohistochemical study.
Chan Kum Park
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):518-523.
524 Optic Nerve Glioma with Neurofibromatosis.
Na Hye Myong, Seung Sook Lee, Yun Lim Shu, Je G Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):524-530.
Case Reports
501 Right Atrial Myxoma Showing Granulomatous Lesion with Pulmonary Infart: A case report.
Kun Chang Song, Soon Hee Jung, Dong Hwan Shin
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):501-503.
504 Laryngeal Atresia with Tracheoesophageal Fistula: 1 case report.
Eun Kyung Kim, Je G Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):504-508.
509 Primary Oxalosis: A case report.
Sang Yong Song, Je G Chi, Yong Choi, Sang Jun Kim
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):509-513.
531 Chromomycosis of the Skin: A case report.
Tae Sook Kim, Kye Yong Song, Je G Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):531-534.
535 Lipoleiomyoma of the Uterus: A case report.
Myung Sook Kang, Young Hee Maeng, Jae Hoon Park, Yun Wha Kim, Ju Hee Lee, Moon Ho Yang
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):535-537.
538 Malignant Eccrine Acrospiroma: A case report.
Gil Ro Han, In Sun Kim, Kye Yong Song, Ki Duck Kim, Beom Woo Yeom, Jong Sang Choi
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):538-541.
542 Cellular Blue Nevus: A case report.
Na Hye Myong, Je G Chi, Byung Kyu Cho, Kye Yong Song
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(5):542-545.
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