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In this issue:

1 Application of Case Study-Oriented Small Group Teaching Method for the Strengthening of Pathology Laboratory Course
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):1-7.
8 Cryoglobulinemia
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):8-15.
16 Ultrastructural Study on Streptozotocin -induced Pancreatic Acinar Injury in Rats
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):16-22.
23 Electron Microscopical Study on the Rat Myocardium in Acute Neurogenic Cardiovascular Death
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):23-31.
32 A Morphological Observation on Human Pineal Glands -80 cases analysis of fetal and postnatal pineals
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):32-38.
40 Histopathological Study of Partial Hydatichiform Mole
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):40-46.
47 Estimation of Several Normal Values of Peripheral Blood from Clinical Laboratory Data by Various Statistical Methods
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):47-56.
57 Normal Values of Liver Function Test in Korean Adults Indirectly Estimated by Analysis of the Values of Patients's Blood Samples
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):57-65.
66 Normal Values of Peripheral Blood in Korean -20節30 year-old healthy adults-
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):66-73.
74 Adenomatoid Tumor of the Uterus
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):74-78.
79 Four Cases of Plasma Cell Leukemia
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):79-83.
84 Light Chain Disease, Lamda Type, with Acute Renal Failure
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):84-88.
89 Cephalothoracopagus Syncephals -An autopsy case report-
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):89-93.
94 Infantile Polycystic Kidney -A Report of an autopsy case-
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):94-97.
98 Merkel Cell Tumor -A case report associated with squamous cell carcinoma-
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):98-102.
103 Congenital Bronchogenic Cyst of the Lung Associated with Cytomegalovirus Infection
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):103-107.
108 Diffuse Eosinophilic Gastritis. A Case with Histotopographic Analysis on Eosinophilic Infiltration
Korean J Pathol. 1984;18(1):108-111.
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