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In this issue:

391 Histochemical Study of Mucin Composition of Gastric Cancer and Surrounding Mucosa
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):391-398.
399 Effects of Immunopotentiator (OK-432) on the Histological Changes of the Spleen
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):399-407.
408 The Changes of Alveolar Layer in Experimental Asbestosis Observed by Ruthenium Red Stain
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):408-411.
412 Comparision of Biotin-Avidin System Method with Peroxidase-Antiperoxidase Method in Immunohistochemistry
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):412-416.
417 An Evaluation of KRC modified Westergren Method for Determining Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):417-425.
426 A Study on the Liver Cell Dysplasia
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):426-431.
432 Effect of Thiol broth and Sodium Polyanethol Sulfonate on the Growth of Salmonella typhi Exposed to Antimicrobial Agents
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):432-437.
438 Two Cases of Neurilemoma of the Tonge
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):438-441.
442 A Case of Tinea Versicolor Caused by Fusarium sp.
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):442-446.
447 Thymic Carcinoid Tumor -Report of a case-
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):447-451.
452 Teratoma of the placenta -Report a case and a review of literatures-
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):452-456.
457 Plasmacytoma of the Lung -Report of a case-
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):457-461.
462 Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation of the Lung -An autopsy case-
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):462-466.
467 Acinar Cell Carcinoma of the Pancreas -A case report-
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):467-471.
472 Hydranencephaly (An autopsy case report)
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):472-476.
477 A Malignant Schwannoma in von Recklinghausen's Disease
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):477-480.
481 Inverted Papilloma, Transited from Cystitis Cystica and Glandularis -Report of a case-
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):481-484.
485 Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma -A case report-
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):485-492.
493 Gangliogliomas of Central Nervous System -2 case report-
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):493-496.
497 A Case of Renal Cell Carcinoma in Childhood
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):497-501.
502 A case of Leydig cell tumor of Testis
Korean J Pathol. 1983;17(4):502-505.
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