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In this issue:

179 A Study on Clinical Diagnostic Value of Serum Gamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidase Activity
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):179-186.
187 A Study on Penicillinasse-producing Staphylococci Isolated from Clinical Specimen
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):187-190.
191 Survey for the Laboratory Methods of Chemical Tests in Korea
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):191-198.
199 A Study on Determination of Triglyceride. -Comparision of enzymatic and acetylacetone method-
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):199-202.
203 On the Histological Observation of the Development of Granulomatous Changes in Silicotic Lung. -Report on six autopsy cases-
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):203-213.
215 Results of VDRL and TPHA Tests in Lepers
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):215-221.
223 Some Observation on Examination Method of Regional Lymph Nodes of Malignant Neoplasm
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):223-231.
233 Light Chain Disease, Kappa Type -A case report-
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):233-236.
239 Fibroma of Stomach -A case report-
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):239-242.
245 Potter's Syndrom (An Autopsy Case Report)
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):245-250.
253 A Case of Dysgerminoma of the Ovary, Associated with Embryonal Carcinoma
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):253-256.
259 Infantile Mesenchymal Hamartoma of Liver -A case report-
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):259-263.
265 Hepathoblastoma and Hepathocellular Carcinoma in Infancy and Childhood
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):265-285.
287 A Case Report of Adult Nephroblastoma
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):287-292.
295 Clear cell Hidradenoma -Three Cases Report-
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):295-300.
303 Actinomycosis of Liver and Greater Omentum -A case report-
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):303-308.
311 Clinico-Pathological Study on 4 Cases of Yolk Sac Tumor -Including 1 case combined with Drsgerminoma-
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):311-315.
319 Squamous Cell Carcinoma Arising in Chronic Discoid Lupus Erythematous
Korean J Pathol. 1979;13(3):319-322.
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