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In this issue:

337 Gastric Carcinoma among Koreans: An Analysis of 1122 Cases
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):337-353.
355 Electrophoretic Patterns of Serum Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzyme in Liver Diseases
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):355-362.
365 Malignant Histiocytosis with Cutaneous Lesions and Eosinophilia -A case report with light and electron microscopic study-
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):365-374.
375 Histopathologic Study of 2 Separate Dysplastic Lesions in one Stomach and its Malignant Change -Papillary adenoma and Atypical epithelial lesion-
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):375-381.
383 Eosinophilc Infiltration in Cervical Carcinoma
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):383-389.
391 A Clinical and Laboratory Evaluation of 73 Cases of Leukemia
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):391-397.
399 A Comparative Study on Total Lipid, Cholesterol and Lipoprotein Level in Normal and Various Disease
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):399-406.
407 A Computer Diagnostic System Based on Automated Multiphasic Screening by SMA 12/60 on Korean
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):407-412.
413 Eikenella corrodens Isolation from an Aspirate of Empyema Developed Following a Stomach Cancer Surgery
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):413-417.
419 Study on Serum Alpha-fetoprotein and Hepatitis B Surface Antigen in Primary Liver Cell Carcinoma in Busan Area
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):419-425.
427 Anaerobic Bacterial Species Isolated from Clinical Specimens and Clinical Conditions of the Patients
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):427-432.
433 Teratoma of the Thyroid Gland -A case report and literature review-
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):433-440.
443 Clostridium perfringens Gas Gangrene -A Case Report-
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):443-447.
449 Seuere Eosinophilia due to Missive Ascariasis
Korean J Pathol. 1978;12(4):449-453.
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