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In this issue:

285 Histopathological Changes of Auricular Appendages Removed at Heart Surgery
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):285-292.
293 The Effects of Halothane Anesthesia to the Fine Structures of Liver Cells
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):293-298.
301 The Changes of Secretory Granule of Pancreatic Acinar cells Induced by Actinomycin D
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):301-306.
309 On the Ultrastructural Changes of Rat Myocardial Fiber Induced by Methoxyflurane Anesthesia
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):309-313.
315 The Changes of Acrosome of Rat Germinal Epithelium Induced by Ethionine Feeding
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):315-319.
321 Histopathologic Study on the Carcinoma of the Stomach among Koreans (I. Statistical Investigations)
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):321-334.
335 Study of Mucous Gland Hypertrophy of Draining Bronchus in Pulmonary Tuberculous Lesion
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):335-340.
341 Estimation of Normal Ranges from Clinical Laboratory Data
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):341-357.
359 Evaluation of Chemical Kits Available in Korea
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):359-365.
367 Evaluation of Internal and External Quality Control in Clinical Chemistry Laboratory
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):367-376.
377 Lipoid Pneumonia Induced by Perilla Oil -A Case Report and an Experimental Appraisal-
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):377-382.
385 One Case of Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):385-391.
393 Giant Hypertrophy of Gastric Mucosa(Menetrier셲 disease) -A Case report-
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):393-397.
399 The Diffuse Erythrophagocytosis in Hodgkin셲 Disease -An autopsy case report-
Korean J Pathol. 1977;11(4):399-404.
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