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In this issue:

1 The Effects of Prednisolone Administration on the Ultrastructures Lymph Node Cells
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):1-6.
9 Histopathology of Early Gastric Cancer
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):9-21.
23 A Histochemical Study on HBsAg in Liver Diseases in Korea
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):23-32.
33 An Epidemiological Study of Primary Liver Carcinomas in Busan Area with Special Reference to Clonorchiasis
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):33-46.
47 Cantharidin-induced Hepatic Injury -Part 뀪 : Reappraisal of Tissue Reaction Based on Hepatic Injury-
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):47-51.
53 Endometrial Biopsy Findings in Female Infertility
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):53-57.
59 A Correlated Cytologic and Histopathologic Approach to Uterine Cervical Atypia
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):59-64.
65 Breast Cancer and Elastosis
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):65-70.
73 Clinico-Pathologic Studies on Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions of Bone and Cartilage among Koreans
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):73-90.
91 Tuberous Sclerosis
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):91-102.
103 Sturge-Weber Syndrome
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):103-112.
113 Clinico-Pathologic Study of Tumors of the Nervous System among Koreans
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):113-122.
123 Blood Sugar Determinations Using Auto Analyzer 뀫 and Dextrostix-Reflectance Meter Methods
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):123-125.
127 A Statistical and Hematological Study on 258 Cases of Acute Granulocytic Leukemia Variants
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):127-135.
137 Bacterial and Fungal Species Isolated from Cerebrospinal Fluid in the Past Five Years
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):137-142.
143 The Effect of Antibiotics on Salmonella typhi Ingested by Macrophages
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):143-148.
149 True Hermaphroditism
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):149-155.
157 A Case of Cutaneous Cryptococcosis
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):157-160.
163 Microglioma -A case report with references on histopathology and histogenesis-
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):163-167.
169 Four Cases of Hemophilia B
Korean J Pathol. 1976;10(1):169-176.
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