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Pathology-MRI Correlation of Hepatocarcinogenesis: Recent Update ( 20,920 times )
Jimi Huh, Kyung Won Kim, Jihun Kim, Eunsil Yu
J Pathol Transl Med. 2015;49(3):218-229.   Published online May 15, 2015
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/jptm.2015.04.15
Uncommon and Rare Human Papillomavirus Genotypes Relating to Cervical Carcinomas ( 5,961 times )
Na Rae Kim, Myunghee Kang, Soon Pyo Lee, Hyunchul Kim, Jungsuk An, Dong Hae Chung, Seung Yeon Ha, Hyun Yee Cho
Korean J Pathol. 2014;48(1):43-49.   Published online February 25, 2014
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/KoreanJPathol.2014.48.1.43
Expression of Survivin, HSP90, Bcl-2 and Bax Proteins in N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)nitrosamine-induced Rat Bladder Carcinogenesis. ( 1,347 times )
Sang Dae Lee, Sung Woong Park, Soon Auck Hong, Gui Young Kwon, Tae Jin Lee
Korean J Pathol. 2006;40(5):333-338.
Expression of Cyclins (D1, A, E, and B1) in N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)nitrosamine-induced Rat Bladder Carcinogenesis. ( 1,256 times )
Gui Young Kwon, Eon Sub Park, Sung Geun Bong, Tae Jin Lee, Mi Kyung Kim, Jae Hyung Yoo, Kye Yong Song
Korean J Pathol. 2003;37(4):255-262.
Expression of Glutathione S-Transferase, E-Cadherin, and Catenins during N,N-Diethylnitrosamine-Induced Hepatocarcinogenesis in Rat Liver. ( 1,391 times )
Hyoung Joong Kim, Yon Sik Yoo, Tae Jin Lee, Mi Kyung Kim, Eon Sub Park, Jae Hyung Yoo
Korean J Pathol. 2000;34(12):982-993.
p21 Protein Expression and Cell Proliferation Activity in Human Multistep Hepatocarcinogenesis. ( 1,227 times )
Kye Weon Kwon, Young Nyun Park, Chan Il Park
Korean J Pathol. 2000;34(5):325-330.
Aberrant Crypt Foci: Histopathologic Classification and Profiles of Mucin Secretion. ( 1,334 times )
Aeree Kim, Jong Sang Choi, Won Jun Choi, Hong Young Moon
Korean J Pathol. 2000;34(1):50-55.
Immunohistochemical Analysis of Transforming Growth Factor (TGF)-beta1 and TGF-beta Receptor II and Quantitative Analysis of TGF-beta1 mRNA during Multistep Hepatocarcinogenesis Induced by Diethylnitrosamine in Sprague-Dawley Rats. ( 1,350 times )
Mee Yon Cho, Ju Han Lee, Yong Koo Kang, Nam Hee Won
Korean J Pathol. 1999;33(11):1009-1023.
Expression of CDK 4, Connexin 32, and PCNA in N-diethylnitrosamine-Induced Lesions of Rat Liver. ( 1,398 times )
Bang Hur, Hung Jun Kim
Korean J Pathol. 1999;33(5):309-318.
Evaluation of Prognostic Significance of AgNORs and PCNA during 9,10-dimethyl-1,2-benzantracene(DMBA)-induced Hamster Buccal Pouch Carcinogenesis. ( 1,042 times )
Sam Pyo Hong, Myong Soon Song, Seong Doo Hong, Jae Il Lee, Chang Yun Lim
Korean J Pathol. 1998;32(5):337-345.
Expression of bcl-2 Protein in Colorectal Adenoma and Adenocarcinoma and its Relationship with p53 and Apoptosis. ( 1,196 times )
Ae Ree Kim, Seong Jin Cho, Nam Hee Won, Yang Seok Chae
Korean J Pathol. 1997;31(5):417-426.
A Study on the DNA Ploidy and Expression of c-erbB-2 Oncogen in the Ovarian Carcinomas. ( 1,034 times )
Jong Jae Jung, Chang Soo Park, Sang Woo Juhng
Korean J Pathol. 1997;31(1):15-22.
The Effect of Dehydroepiandrosterone on Inhibition of Carcinogenesis and Induction of Apoptosis in Murine Hepatoma Model. ( 1,127 times )
Kye Yong Song, Eun Sup Park, Jee young Choi, Sang Chul Park
Korean J Pathol. 1995;29(1):24-32.
Expression of BrdU and C-Ha-ras in Experimentally Induced Enzyme Altered Foci of the Liver and Hepatocellular Carcinoma. ( 1,232 times )
Myung Sook Kim, Woo Ho Kim, Yong Il Kim
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(6):584-595.
Short-term Effect of Iron on the Hyperplastic Lesions of Chemical Hepatocarcinogenesis. ( 1,208 times )
Young Nyun Park, Woo Hee Jung, Soon Hee Jung, Chan Il Park
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(6):569-583.
Promoting Effect of Aflatoxin B1 and D-Galactosamine on Development of Glutathione S-Transferase Positive Foci in Diethylnitrosamine-initiated Rat Liver. ( 1,247 times )
Hye Kyung Lee, Yong Il Kim
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(4):389-398.
The Epidermal Proliferation and the Number of Langerhans Cells in 7, 12-dimethylbenzanthracene Induced Epidermal Changes. ( 1,210 times )
Chang Soon Han, Young Nyun Park, Kwang Gil Lee, In Joon Choi
Korean J Pathol. 1993;27(6):590-604.
The Effect of Copper on 3'-Methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene Induced hepatic Carcinogenesis. ( 1,259 times )
Jung Sook Moon, Young Nyun Park, Chan Il Park
Korean J Pathol. 1992;26(4):360-371.
The Effect of Ethanol on 3'-Methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene Induced Carcinogenesis in Rat Liver. ( 1,183 times )
Chan Il Park, Ho Guen Kim, So Young Jin, Woo Ick Yang, Yoo Bock Lee
Korean J Pathol. 1991;25(1):21-29.
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